Fall is finally here, the air is crispy and the pumpkin spice is flowing. And with all the festivities comes the fun of adding some on- trend essentials for the season.

Last month Kenzie and I went to our first buying trip in Las Vegas. From the 14-hour car ride to the first step onto a showroom floor of thousands of vendors, it was nothing less than an adventure! But we survived, we learned a TON and, all in all, we had a blast.

Here are the top fall trends we noticed at market this year for the stylish contemporary woman:

Cozy clothes:

I’m not going to lie, if it feels like pajamas and I can wear it out of the house, I’m in heaven. And now it looks like cozy clothes are a trend for the season. Puffy coats and vests, huge scarves, warm over-sized sweaters are all on the list. The key is versatility: pair your soft knit sweater with a nice pair of slacks and you’re ready for work.

Animal Prints:

A big one this season is animal prints, especially leopard. Whether you are bold enough to don a full faux fur jacket or just want a touch on a pocket or a clutch, the prints are everywhere. Another big place we’ve been seeing it is on shoes!

Fall Fashion Animal Prints Ellee Belle

Red, red and red:

To go along with the bold lipstick colors that have become so popular over the last couple years, red seems to be a favorite this fall. Now, red in itself is not necessarily a trend, but wearing it in a monochromatic way or in a statement piece such as red leggings or jacket is trending.

fall fashion trends ellee belle


Wood and turtle shell buttons are also hot this season. Accenting sweaters, dresses and jackets, they are “popping” up everywhere!

fall fashion ellee belle

The funnest part of market for us was seeing all the trends and picking pieces that correspond most to the contemporary, modern looks that our Belle ladies would love to wear now (and in the upcoming seasons).

To get first pick on pieces in our collection be sure and join the  Ellee Belle Collective. New styles are put out every week.  Xx,

Tori and Kenzie


At market we saw several fall fashion trends for the modern woman. We give four style tips to be on trend this fall season.

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