I found this mask last night at the store and realized this is the same clay I used while living in France. Apparently there are two large deposits of it in the world 1. Montmorillon, France and 2. Fort Benton, Wyoming.

So what is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite clay, also called Montmorillonite, is a very popular healing clay that also cleanses the body. It is made from minerals such as iron, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, formed from volcanic ash.

Why is it great for skin?

Adding water to the clay gives it a negative electric charge, which then, removes toxins from the body.

5 Reasons Bentonite Clay is awesome for your face and skin:

1. It can unclog pores. Mix enough clay with water to make a paste. Leave on for 10-20 minutes (depending on skin type) or until clay hardens and rinse with warm water. * The particular mask I used is from Sky Organics, is infused with aloe and is pre-mixed.

2. Controls the over production of sebum. You can use a small bit on a blemish, leave overnight and rinse in the morning.

3. Removes toxins from the skin. Since bentonite is negatively charged (welcome back to highschool physics) and most toxins are positively charged the clay bonds to them removing them from the skin.

4. It exfoliates. Without using any harsh chemicals, bentonite clay removes dead skin cells leaving you with baby soft skin.

5. It gives you an even skin tone. Dead skin cells, that develop over time, give your skin an uneven tone and aged look. By exfoliating your skin you can eliminate dead skin cells so that newer skin can grow through to give your skin complexion a rejuvenated appearance.

There you have it! One of my favorite skin care routines.

I also like to add some to my bath occasionally. I add 1/4 cup of clay along with my favorite essential oil.

** Although bentonite clay is safe for all skin types it is always good measure to test a little on your skin before using.

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