For those of you who know me, I love to try DIY and natural skin care remedies. This lifestyle change came after years of frustrating inflammation, dry yet acne prone skin and lots of bucks spent at the drug store. One day I decided to stop using face washes altogether and see how my skin handled it.

I started using water and a microfiber washcloth to cleanse and a light hydrating cream to finish. To my surprise my skin began to flourish. I had less inflammation and my complexion evened out.

This was five years ago, and I’ve maintained a natural skin care routine ever since. I love to try different natural remedies for dry skin, pore cleansing, skin brightening and other imperfections.

Today I am reviewing the brand Thayers Facial Toner with Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Rose Petal. It can be found at Target for under $11. I am not an affiliate of this brand.

The first thing I love about this toner is that it is alcohol free. Any product containing alcohol will have a tendency to dry out your skin.

Witch Hazel has some awesome natural skin care benefits including being an effective anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is your body’s natural protection against injury and infection, but chronic inflammation is unhealthy. Witch hazel contains antioxidants that prevent inflammation and neutralize free radicals, thus effectively combatting acne and eczema.

Aloe Vera is most of our go-to when we get a nasty sun burn in the summer. That’s because it helps accelerate the healing process. It also has so many other benefits including the prevention of wrinkles by hydrating the skin.

Finally, rose petals are so much more that pleasant smelling flowers! They are an amazing skin care option used since ancient times thanks to their powerful properties. Rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants they actually boost collagen production and strengthen skin cells. They have so many benefits I will probably need to do another article just on their natural skin care benefits!

So what about the brand Thayers? What have I noticed in the two weeks since using this product?

First, I have applied it morning and night to my clean face. I spray on generously and wipe with a cotton disk.

It smells light and fresh. Despite having very sensitive skin, I had absolutely no reaction to it. After several days of using it I noticed my skin feeling softer than with my hydrating cream alone.

I also tend to get clogged pores on my nose and chin area. If I rub my fingers on this skin I can feel the bumps. This toner has softened this skin on these problem areas.

Overall, if you are looking for a toner without alcohol that is gentle on your skin I would recommend giving this one a try!

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